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Employee management allows you to manage the profiles of all the users who are part of a Kissflow account. It is an extension of the current user management table, which you can use exclusively to maintain records of employees. In addition to maintaining employee records (such as personal/professional details), you can also configure fields that should be displayed on the profile page.

Employee management is a flow by itself. Typically, in an organization, employee management would be used by departments such as human resources (HR) and administration as they maintain records of employees. Like other flows, you can restrict or provide access to admins and specific users on the account.

Create and manage employee records

Admins of employee management will have access to all employee records and will be able to modify information as well as control what is displayed on the profile page.

Click your profile picture in the upper-right corner, and then click Employee management.

  1. To add a new employee record, click Add an employee, and enter the basic employee details.
  2. To modify details of an existing employee, click a record in the table and edit the contents of fields.

Certain fields are customizable. Here are the actions that you can perform for fields by clicking a column header in employee management:

  • Change the field name by clicking Customize field from a column header.
  • Sort entries in the table based on a field value.
  • Hide a field in the table.
  • Delete a field from the table.
  • Protect fields so that they cannot be used or looked up by other flows in your Kissflow account.
  • Control whether the field is visible to an employee on his/her profile page. To control visibility, click on a column header and then select the Visibility in employee profile to display the field on the profile page. 

Control whether employees can edit the contents of a field by selecting the Editable by employees check box.

Add other admins to employee management

You can add other admins to employee management. As admins will potentially have access to sensitive information about all employees, you must carefully select who you are assigning access to.

To add other admins to employee management:

  1. Click your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the Home screen and click Employee management.
  2. Click the More options button () > Share.
  3. Click + Add admins and enter the names of admins who you want to provide access.

Any user with access to the employee management table can also control which flows can look up the employee management table. Under security settings, you can decide whether to allow lookups from all flows or only certain flows.

If you select the option, Choose flows that can look up employee management, you must specify all of the different flows that are permitted  to look up the employee management table. 

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