Managing directory sync configuration

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Navigate to your Identity provider settings under Account Administration > User provisioning > Directory sync to manage and perform other actions related to your configuration. You can track the progress of ongoing sync, its current status, sync history, and perform actions like edit, delete, or disable configuration in this section. 

As mentioned earlier, Kissflow supports both manual and scheduled syncs. Click Sync now to trigger sync manually anytime.

Disabling configuration

  • Access the configuration and click More options > Disable
  • Read the alert message displayed on the pop-up window and click Disable if you would like to suspend the configuration temporarily. You can always enable it later when you want to.

Deleting configuration

  • Access the configuration and click More options > Delete configuration
  • Read the alert message displayed on the pop-up window and click Delete if you would like to delete the configuration permanently. Please note that you have to create the configuration from scratch if you need it back in the future.

Managing sync history

Access the configuration and click More options > Sync history or click the View sync history link present beside the last synced status information.

The following are the list of possible sync statuses:

  1. Success: Sync succeeded as expected
  2. Failure: Sync failed due to a few critical issues
  3. Partial success: Sync completed with errors.
    1. This could happen when one of the attributes in a user record in your Identity provider account doesn't have an equivalent field in Kissflow.

User licenses and directory sync

When users are provisioned from an Identity provider to Kissflow, they will be added in the 'Invited' status only .i.e. All users will be invited first and not added directly until they accept their invite and activate their account. License allocation to users will take place on a first-come-first-serve basis as and when a user logs in or when a user is activated by an Account Admin. 

For example, let us assume your organization has a total of 100 user licenses in Kissflow but 120 users have been synced from your Identity provider. In this case, all the 120 users will receive the invite Email from Kissflow but only the first 100 users who activate their accounts will be added as users in Kissflow. The remaining users have to contact their Account Admins to get their accounts activated as the total no. of user licenses is exhausted already.

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