Public forms

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A public form lets external users without a Kissflow account initiate a workflow from a URL.

For example, if your organization is hiring, you can host a job application form online and use it to start the candidate screening process. 

Public forms are only available by request for Pro and Enterprise accounts. Start a chat with our support team to enable public forms for your account.

Enabling a public form

Only Flow Admins can enable public forms. Click the More options button () and then Settings. Click Public form settings to enable public form. 

Turn ON the Public form URL. Then, copy the URL and share it with anyone outside the organization.

Disabling a public form

To disable the public form, click the More options button () > Settings, and then Public form settings. Turn OFF the Public form URL and it will be disabled. Once the public form is disabled, the external users will not be able to initiate new items. However, the items that are in progress will complete the workflow steps. 

Note: The items initiated via public form will appear as created by Guest in the process reports and in the process administration page.


  1. You cannot reject or send back a public form.
  2. The initiator will be Guest and hence will not receive any system generated notifications.
  3. The initiator cannot collaborate by comments with step assignees.

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