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You can display a set of usernames as a dropdown with the help of the User field. The difference between a normal dropdown and a User field is, you will be able to display only usernames with the User field whereas you can display only static texts using a Dropdown.


You can let the user(who will use the form in the future) select multiple users from the list by enabling the Allow multiple users to be selected option in the Field properties window of the User field.  

If you select Automatically select the first value based on the filter(s), then based on the filters configured, the first value in the User management table will be automatically selected and displayed in the field.

You can select the source of user data for a particular user field. The source can be the user management table or the employee management table.

The employee management table can have custom fields created by the user, which you can use in user expressions.

If a particular custom field inside the employee management table is marked as 'Protected,' it cannot be called using any user expression.


By default, the User field will display all the users in your organization. You can limit the users displayed using a filter. You can filter based on the department, email domain, or individual email address. Filters can be made to match all the conditions(Match ALL), or match any one of the conditions(Match ANY) respectively. 


There are two types of validations you can use with a User field:

  • Equal to 
  • Not equal to

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