Account settings

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On the Account administration screen, Account Owners and Super Admins have access to the Account Settings tab. From here, you can view and customize your account and domain name, change account logo, and connect other account domains.

Account details

Account name and domain

Your account name and account domain are automatically assigned based on the email domain used to sign up. You can change this domain any time as long as the new domain isn't taken by another organization.

If you change the domain address yourself, Kissflow will automatically redirect the old domain to the new one and all domain users will be locked out and notified. However, your former domain will become available to register by another organization. If it is claimed by someone else, your old domain will no longer redirect.

Your account logo is auto-assigned based on the email domain used to sign up. It will appear on the top right corner of your account for all of your users and also on your sign in screen and certain product emails. You can also change it to a customized logo. 

We recommend that you use a rectangular logo that is 240 X 36 pixels. The logo file must be less than 250 KB and in JPG, PNG, or SVG format.

Connecting domains

For an organization that has multiple email domains, Kissflow allows you to connect an email address from any of these domains to your account. Once an email domain is connected with your account, no one else will be allowed to sign up for a new Kissflow account using the same domain.

Let’s say your organization’s domain address is If you want to connect a user from the same organization, but with a different email domain, you can do so by adding the new domain. Click Connect a domain, and then enter the domain name, domain address, and the email used to verify the domain.

An invite email will be sent to the invitee’s email inbox. Upon verification, the alternate domain will be connected to your account and no one else will be able to create a new Kissflow account with that domain. You can connect multiple domains with your Kissflow account. However, once connected, a domain cannot be associated with any other Kissflow account.

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