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When a user performs an action on an item, they see a live form. You can view the form in processes by clicking on the item.

Parts of a live form

A live form in a process is divided into three panels.

  • The section headings on the left allow you to go to any section.
  • The actual form is in the middle.
  • Widgets and comments are located on the right.

All of the actions that the Flow Admin has configured are listed at the bottom. You can act on the form using these buttons.


The fields, sections, and tables configured in the form can be seen in the middle. Your permissions, visibility, and appearance settings govern which fields appear on the form and which are editable.


Tables display field names as columns and allow you to add as many rows as you want. 

You can improve your table viewing by selecting one of these four options:

  • Place the cursor on the field's edge, click, then drag to resize the field width.
  • Drag and drop the fields to reorder them.
  • Pin and unpin fields to the left side so that they are always visible when you scroll horizontally. To pick this option, click the down arrow at the end of the field name. When you drag a field into the pinned section, it becomes pinned automatically.
  • Dragging it out of the pinned section unpins it.
  • Click the Fullscreen button ()

To delete a row, pick one or multiple rows by clicking the checkboxes on the row's left side and then click Delete.


Widgets appear solely on forms in processes. Status and Description are the two widgets.


  • A bar will reflect the percentage of completion of the item.
  • In progress, Draft, Completed, Rejected, or Withdrawn will be the status.
  • It will display the current step's name.
  • It will display the step's assignees. If there are multiple assignees, you can view them all by clicking on the link.
  • If you click Show more, you'll see a flow chart of the workflow, including the date and time each step was completed, what steps are yet to be completed, and any notes if the item is sent back or rejected.   


The description displays any text entered when creating the step in the workflow editor.  


You can add comments to process items. Enter your comments in the Write a comment text box. You can edit and delete your own comments.

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