Managing process members and permissions

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When you create a process, you become the process admin and have the ability to change many settings.

As an admin of your process, you can add or remove members from it.

To manage members and roles, click the More options button  () > Share. On the Share settings page, click + Add members to select and add members.

To remove members from a process, select a member, click the More options button  () >  Remove. The user will not be able to access or view the contents of the process thereafter.

You can also change the roles of members after they are added. For example, if you want to change the role of a member from Admin to Member, click the More options button  () next to a member, then click Make a member.

Roles and permissions

You can assign roles to members to control what actions they can perform in your process.

There are two roles that you can assign to members:

  • Admin - process admins can edit the process, view and edit all items, create reports, and change all settings.
  • Member - process members can initiate items, edit the process, and create reports.

Admins have more permissions than a member and can control various settings of a process. 

Here is a detailed overview of permissions for these two roles:




Manage process settings


Add or remove members


Configure form, workflow, and permission


Initiate new items

Edit process

Perform bulk actions


View audit log


Archive and delete process


Duplicate a process


Create reports

Share reports


View reports

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