Managing case form roles and permissions

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As an owner of the application, you will have default access to the case form and will have the ability to change many settings.

As an admin of your case, you can manage the roles and permissions of the case form. This way, you can decide which roles can access the case form inside the application.

To manage roles and permissions,

  • Access the case form > click Share.
  • On the Share settings page, click + Assign to roles to select and add members.
  • Add roles and assign Initiate or Manage permissions.
  • Click Confirm.

To remove roles from a case form, click the Remove button () inside the Share roles and permissions screen. The role will not be able to access or view the contents of the case form thereafter.

You can also change the permission of roles after they are added. For example, if you want to change the role of a member from Initiate to Manage, simply select the radio button.

Roles and permissions

You can assign roles to members to control what actions they can perform in your case form.

There are two permissions for your roles:

  • Initiate - Initiate new cases in the case form. Ability to work on all of the cases they have created.
  • Manage - Create and manage cases in the case form. They will have default access to all reports as part of the case form.

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