Account governance overview

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Dharsan V K

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What is account governance?

Account governance is a single centralized entity that helps Super Admins govern their Kissflow account from one place, and act towards it indirectly. This feature enables you to uphold data security, safeguarding sensitive information within your Kissflow account. You can get insights on all the users, groups, flows (processes and boards), datasets, lists, and authentication keys in your Kissflow account from a dashboard-based design. 

Account governance benefits

  • Compliance and Standards: By implementing robust governance practices, you can maintain data integrity, and establish a framework for responsible and compliant operations.
  • Data protection and Risk mitigation: Account governance plays a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive proprietary data and critical assets. By preventing risks associated with ungoverned data, you can mitigate vulnerabilities and maintain the security and integrity of your account’s data.
  • Activity monitoring and Abnormality detection: By tracking account activities over time, you can gain valuable insights and identify any abnormalities or suspicious behavior. This proactive approach allows for timely intervention, ensuring the security and integrity of your account.

What can you govern?

How can you access account governance?

Click your profile on the top right corner inside Kissflow and click Account governance.

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