Working with App variables

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A variable, also called a client variable in an application lets you define constant key-value pairs. These can be used to:

  • Call out values within page components of a page.
  • Filter data inside your workflows like case or process.

Creating variables

  1. Go to Application builder and open the application.
  2. On the left navigation bar, go to Data sources > Variables.
  3. Click the New variable button and enter the details for the variable.
    1. Variable name. The key name for your variable.
    2. Description. The description for your variable.
    3. Variable type. You can select the following data types: Number, Text, DateTime, and Boolean.
    4. Default value. Specify the default value for the key. The key value differs based on the data type.
  4. Save the variable. All the saved variables will be listed here.

Where are variables used?

Variables can be used in two different ways inside the page builder.

  1. When you add a page component like a button or label, you can use the client variables inside the fields as dynamic values or use it inside JavaScript functions. Once the application is deployed, these session variables will render during an app session.

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