Starting chat conversations

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You can start a chat conversation with anyone in your account or organization using quick chat or the chat hub.

Open a quick chat by simply clicking the chat icon on any page in Kissflow. To open the chat hub, click Chat under My space on the top navigation bar.

Starting a direct chat

On the All chats page, click the Start chat (+) button to start a direct chat. Select a member with whom you want to start a conversation, and then click Start a chat.

You can also use search to look up a member and start a direct chat.

In the Search box, type the name of the person with whom you want to start a chat conversation. From the search results that are displayed, select a member, and then click the Start a chat button to start a direct chat.

Starting a group chat

You can also start a chat conversation with multiple members using a group chat. 

To start a group conversation, start by adding members you want to add to a group. Click the Start chat (+) button and keep adding members to the group. You should add a minimum of three members to start a group chat. After you have added the required members, enter a name for the group, and then click Start a group chat.

To rename the group, click on the current name of the group, enter a new name, and then click off the name. All changes are auto-saved.

Adding images and files in chat conversations

To add images and files in a chat conversation, click the Attachment button and attach the file or image from either your local files, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Kissflow supports the following file types in posts:


The size limit per attachment cannot exceed more than 100MB.

Emojis and GIFs

To add an emoji or GIF in a message, click the Emoji button () to search and insert from a wide range of emojis or GIFs.

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