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Announcements are special channels that can be used to announce events, company news, policy updates, or any other important information that must be shared account-wide. Whenever an announcement is posted, it is automatically pinned to the top of your feed. Unlike other channels, you cannot subscribe to or unsubscribe from announcements.

Making an announcement

Start by clicking Announcements on the left sidebar, then click Create a post and begin composing your announcement. In the Title section, enter a title for your announcement followed by what you’d like to announce. To attach images and files, click the Attach file button.You can also add GIFs and emojis to your announcement.

You can also set visual themes to posts to add more relevant context. The background of the post changes according to the theme you select.

Choose from one of the following themes while making an announcement:

  • General
  • Wish
  • Kudos
  • Emergency

By default, no comments are allowed. To allow comments, deselect the Turn off commenting checkbox.  

Click Post when finished.

After posting, you can edit or delete your announcement by clicking the More options button().

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