Limiting the number of characters in a form field ID

Modified 1 month ago

Hasmica C

A field ID is a unique string automatically assigned to each field in a Kissflow form. It usually takes the field's name and can only be updated until the form is saved.

Reasons for restricting the character limit

Thus far, the number of characters that Kissflow Work Platform form field IDs is not limited. Given that longer field IDs make it more difficult to read and write formulas, particularly when referenced in computed field formulas, Kissflow Integrations, or output payloads, we've decided to limit the number of field ID characters. Also, when Kissflow's information gets exported to external databases such as Snowflake, Oracle, or MySQL, the lengthier field IDs cause complications because the column names in these external databases have character count limitations. 

What will change now?

With the new update, we'll limit the maximum number of characters in the field ID to 64. However, when field ID auto-populates based on the field name, the character limit will be set to 60. Suppose the first 60 characters of the field ID are identical to those in an existing field, in that case, you'll start noticing an additional underscore (_) and integer added towards the end of the string. 

While this is a minor change, all existing field IDs will remain unchanged.

These changes will go into effect in the third week of October.

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