All new left navigation in Workflow

Modified 1 year ago

With the upcoming release, the top navigation tabs in your Workflow will be relocated to a scrollable left navigation panel. Here are the significant changes you can expect in the upcoming release.

This navigation has been redesigned to improve accessibility when switching. On your left, six major navigation tabs are highlighted for quicker access.

  • Home 
  • Favorites
  • Workflow
  • Dataset
  • Explore
  • Create

Note: You have an option to switch between the top and left navigation bar for the next three months.

Ability to favorite your workflows

You can now add workflows to your favorites list for easy access.

Other enhancements

A dedicated Create button has been introduced to help you create process and case system workflows instantly. 

You can expect these changes to roll out in the first week of April, 2022. These changes will be applicable to all the plans.


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