Project layouts

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All projects have multiple layouts to choose from: 

  • My tasks
  • Main project
  • Saved views

My tasks

My tasks is a single list of all the tasks that are assigned to you in your project. My tasks can be found under the Main project menu on the left navigation bar. From this table, users can take actions like changing assignees, updating steps and states, or due dates, deleting tasks, and so on directly from the table fields. You can also hover over any title fields of your task to see the Open button (). Click this button to launch your task and make necessary updates to your form. You can additionally sort tasks using show/hide fields and filter options. Enter the task name to quickly find tasks you’ve searched for.

By selecting task checkboxes, you can perform the following bulk actions:

  • Change Step and State: Moves selected tasks to a different state of any other step.
  • Change due date: Assigns a new due date for all the selected tasks.
  • Change assignee: Reassigns all the selected tasks to a different assignee.
  • Delete task(s): Removes all the selected tasks from the project permanently.

Main project

Main project can be visualized in Kanban, list, and matrix styles. The Kanban board gives you a visual layout of the project. Tasks appear as cards and steps appear as columns. Drag and drop tasks to different steps or states. Click on a task to change values in the form, reassign it to another member, or change the due date.

List visualization on the other hand is similar to My tasks view and lets you see tasks as in a spreadsheet. Matrix visualization allows you to pivot your tasks to columns and rows so you can view your tasks from different perspectives.

Saved views

You can easily access views created in your project by clicking the Views menu on the left navigation bar of your project page. As a member, you won’t have permission to edit or delete any view.

Project options

Filters (). Click the filter button to add filters to highlight different tasks based on the parameters you choose. You can add normal filters and advanced filter conditions.

Fullscreen (). Click the fullscreen to expand the project. Click it again to return to the standard view.

Show/hide fields (). Click the Show/hide fields button to select which fields you want to display on the task card or table heading.

States within a step

Project steps have three default states:

  • Active means the task is currently in queue or being worked on. For the best reporting, it is recommended to only keep one task in this state per person.
  • On hold means tasks that are either pending to be done, or are waiting on more input before they can be finished.
  • Done are tasks that are finished and ready to be taken to the next step.

Tasks can be moved freely along the project to any step or state.

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