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As a task watcher in a project, you can track any changes to a task or its subtask that isn't assigned to you. You can begin following any task in a project in which you are a member, and you can manually add others in your account as task watchers if necessary.

Following a task allows you to keep track of its progress. You'll see all the changes made in the Audit logs of your project.

Following a task

If you want to add yourself (or a project member) as a task watcher:

  1. Open a task in your project.
  2. Click the watchers button () on the top panel of your task form.
  3. Search for the member in your project/account whom you want to add as a task watcher and select them from the list. You can also invite a user who is not a member of your organization's account to become a task watcher. Just enter their email address and click + Invite.
  4. To add yourself as a task watcher, click Start watching.
    You can also add yourself as a task watcher by clicking the watchers button () on your Kanban card or the task in your List visualization.

A task can only have one assignee, but it can have an unlimited number of task watchers. Becoming a watcher is a great option for multiple stakeholders to stay up to date on the progress of a task, even if it is not assigned to them.

Removing task watchers

You can stop watching a task that you follow by simply clicking the Stop watching button on the top panel of your task form or clicking the watchers button () from your Kanban card or List visualization.

To remove watchers from your task window, 

  1. Open the task.
  2. Click the watchers button () on the right side of the task window.
  3. Hover over the person you want to remove from watchers' list. Click the Remove button () to manually remove watchers from this list.

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