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The My tasks  page lets you quickly access the list of tasks that are assigned to you from all your workflows (both processes and case systems) and projects. You can review tasks from different workflows and projects on the same page, without having to open the respective flows.

To open My tasks, click Tasks on the top navigation bar.

When you open the My tasks page, all your workflows and projects that have pending tasks are displayed on the left sidebar. Tasks are sorted and listed based on how recently they were modified. The most recently modified tasks are listed on the top. On the My tasks page, click on a task to open the corresponding process or case system form. After you make any changes, you can close the form to return to the My tasks page.

You can also apply filters based on due date to drill down to specific sets of tasks.

Select from one of the filters in the Due date field to list tasks based on when they are due:

  • All - lists all the tasks
  • Today - lists all the tasks due that day
  • Tomorrow - lists all tasks due the next day
  • This week - lists all tasks due that week
  • Overdue - lists all tasks that have crossed their due dates

For projects, you can additionally use the State field to filter tasks.

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