Tabular reports

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Tabular reports can be used to display your case system’s data in rows and columns forming a grid similar to a spreadsheet.

Creating a tabular report

  1. To create a tabular report, click the Reports button on your case system page.
  2. Click + Create report and then choose Tabular report.
  3. Provide a name for the report and click Create.

Configuring a tabular report

To configure the report, start by choosing the fields you want to display, on the right panel. There are two types of fields to choose from.

  • Custom fields. These are fields you created on your case form and are unique to your case system.
  • System fields. These are system-generated fields that are created by default for a case system.
    • Title
    • Created by
    • Modified by
    • Created at
    • Modified at
    • Flow name
    • ID
    • Assignee
    • Status
    • Priority
    • Due by
    • Requester
    • Resolution time

You can choose an unlimited number of fields for your report. You will see a sample set of 10 items in the report preview on the left.

Adding filters

To narrow down specific data in your report, you can add filters. Click the Add advanced filter button to add a filter. Choose the fields that you want to based on your filter and then enter the conditions.

Click + Add new filter button to add more filters and conditions to the same field. The new condition can be either AND (all conditions must be met) or OR (any one condition must be met).


You can set the default sorting of your report. Choose a field, select the order as ascending or descending and then click Done.

Actions in tabular reports

Once you have configured and saved your report you can perform the following actions:

  • Search. Enter any word in the search box to find relevant items in the report.
  • Filter. Click this button to add temporary filters to highlight different items based on the parameters you choose.
  • Show/hide fields. Click this button to select which fields you want to display on the current layout.
  • Edit. Click this button to make changes to the report. 

If you share a report with someone, they can perform all these actions except for editing. 

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