Overview of custom reports

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Reports help you derive insights on how your case system is functioning. You can generate customized reports to analyze trends and various metrics about your workflow.

Access reports by clicking the Reports button in the upper-right corner of the case system page. Only admins can create reports. Members and initiators can only access any reports that admins have shared with them.

Creating a new report

To create a new report, click + Create report. Choose the type of report, provide a name for the report, and click Create.

Types of reports
  • Tabular reports display information in columns and rows, like a spreadsheet. 
  • Charts display data graphically in one of ten chart types including area, bar, doughnut, line, pie, and bubble chart.
  • Pivot tables can be used to quickly summarize large quantities of data. You can convert columns into rows and rows into columns.
The All Items report

The first time you open the Reports page, you’ll see an auto-generated report called <Case system_name> All Items. This is a tabular report that shows every item in your case system. It cannot be deleted or renamed, but you can configure it to change the manner in which data is displayed.

Finding other reports

Use the Search box to quickly find any report by name. Type in the name of a report to get relevant results. You can use the Sort button to rearrange your reports based on their last modified time, name, or created date.

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