Choosing the right project visualization

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Here is an overview of the three project visualizations and when each one may be most beneficial.


Kanban board is a framework for implementing the agile project management methodology. It’s especially used by software and development teams that are consistently adding features, fixing bugs, or handling defects.

Kanban visualization is the best if the objective is to know what your team is working on and what’s next in the pipeline. Kanban visualization doesn’t do a good job illustrating the relationship between tasks, so it’s better for projects that don’t have many dependencies or much interrelated work.


This view is an itemized list of the tasks you need to complete so you can track, organize, and prioritize your work. It’s perfect for projects with items that must be completed in chronological order and/or have a clear hierarchy.

With this view, you can arrange your tasks in order of importance and then systematically work your way down the list.


With multiple tasks in the project, it becomes tough to analyze large project data sets without the help of visual aids. Matrix, with its basic Kanban visualization and secondary rows offers a different perspective of your project data.

It’s best suited for activities like resource balancing and allocation.

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