Show/Hide fields in a process

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We are changing the behavior of the Show/hide fields button a bit to address a few ambiguities with respect to the conditional visibility of the process fields and this change might affect your current view of your process pages.

What's changing?

Earlier, we were listing all the fields present inside your process form in the Show/hide fields section, irrespective of the visibility rules set for the fields. Going forward, we will restrict the fields that have one or more visibility rules set, in the Show/hide fields section of your process page. i.e. You will not be able to view or hide a field on the process page if its conditional visibility is enabled.

This change will come to effect on 29th September 2021 (29.09.2021).

Will you lose any data?

No! You will not lose any data as far as your process workflow is concerned. However, if you have set conditional visibility for any of the fields in your process, they might go off from your view on the process home page(grid that you see when you navigate to a process). It's only the view that's changing and no harm is done to your data. It's safe with us!. You can always click open a specific item from your Draft, In progress, Participated, Completed, Rejected, or Withdrawn tabs and access the field as necessary. On a side note, you can learn how to configure the field visibility for a specific process field here.

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