Creating a new list from the Home/Explorer page

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We will be restricting the ability to create a new list from the Home page or Explorer page in your Kissflow account effective from October 4th, 2021 (04.10.2021).

What's changing?

You must have created lists in one of the following modes already:

  1. From Home page: Home -> Recent flows -> Create a new flow -> List -> Create
  2. From Explorer page: Explore -> Create new -> List -> Create
  3. From a form field: Which list to use? -> Select list/ Create new one

Now, we will be restricting your ability to create a new list using the first two options. i.e. from the Home page and the Explorer page. However, you can create new lists from a form field while populating data for a Dropdown or a Checkbox.

Will the change affect your data in any way?

No, this change will restrict only the ability to create new lists in the future and the lists already created can be accessed as always.

Learn how to access a specific list you recently created or used here.

This change will come to effect on October 4th,2021(04.10.2021).

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