Announcing a new aggregation API for Kissflow Dataset

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Hasmica C

Kissflow offers a broad range of documented REST APIs for managing your work platform remotely. We're introducing a new Dataset GET API to retrieve the aggregation data of the dataset.

 We are also making a minor change to our existing Dataset List API. The list endpoint's response will continue to show the dataset's records (containing dataset fields and related values), but not aggregation data. With all aggregation data now available solely via the new data aggregation endpoint, the modified Dataset List API becomes easy-to-use, and this will in turn significantly improve its performance.

These changes will be applicable from the second week of October.

Here’re sample API URLs for both endpoints:

API endpoint 

Endpoint status


Request example

GET /Get dataset records


This endpoint lists all dataset records, except aggregation data.<account_id>/<dataset_id>/list?<q>={q}<page_number>=1&<page_size>=50

GET /Get dataset column aggregation details


This endpoint only returns aggregation data from your dataset.<account_id>/<dataset_id>/aggregation?<q>={q}<page_number>=1&<page_size>=50


account_id : Kissflow account id. Mandatory parameter.

dataset_id: Unique dataset id identifier. Mandatory parameter.

q: Search filter string. Optional parameter.

page_number: Specific page number of item list. Possible value (1,2,3…). Optional value. If a value is not provided, the default value(1) will be used.

page_size: Number of items that need to be returned from the item list. Possible values(1,2,3,...). Optional value. If value is not provided, the default value(10) will be used.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will I be able to invoke the existing “Get dataset records GET API” endpoint after this rollout?

Yes, the existing dataset records GET API will continue to work even after this release. However, the aggregation data will not be included in the JSON response.

2. Can I access data other than aggregation data using the new dataset aggregation API?

No, you can only access your dataset’s aggregation data using this new endpoint.

Below, you can find JSON sample responses for the new and modified APIs.

Fig.1: Sample JSON response for existing Dataset List API

Fig. 2: Sample JSON response for the updated Dataset List API

Fig. 3: Sample JSON response for the new dataset aggregation API

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