Ending Support for Some System Fields in Projects

Modified 4 months ago

Sooryakanth K P

System fields can be used to create expressions for computed fields inside your Project form. We are now ending support for some of these fields. Therefore, you will no longer be able to use the following fields in your expressions for computed fields:

  • _status (Status),
  • _current_state_id(State),
  • _current_state_name(State),
  • _counter (Counter),
  • _net_time (Lead time),
  • _time_taken (Time taken),
  • Subtask (Subtask),
  • _open_subtask_count (Open subtask count),
  • _closed_subtask_count (Closed subtask count),
  • _watchers (Watchers),2
  • _archived_at (Archived at),
  • _archived_by (Archived by)

These changes will come into effect by 29th July 2022

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