Changelog in Kissflow - An overview

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Kissflow has a brand new user interface called Coral to reflect the new vibrant colors inside Kissflow.

Here are the high-level across the entire platform:

New home page 

The new home page dashboard gives you a glimpse of the overall health of all your workflows, projects, and integrations. 

Top navigation 

Navigation has moved from the left to the top. 

Here are the module-level changes:

Process and Dataset

Advanced filters

You now have more advanced filter options like fetching data based on the time and the current user. You can use Advanced filters throughout the Process module.


Reports have a more sleek look to them and the configuration panel has moved from the left to the right inside the report builder. Use those new advanced filters inside reports too!

Process feed is gone

We removed the process feed. When you open a process, you’ll now go directly to the My items tab.

Audit log

Process history is now called Audit log.

Dataset field visibility and field appearance 

Both field visibility and field appearance for a dataset fields is removed



You can create views based on a subset of all the product data to have better context while working. This is ideal for teams inside teams.

More and more visualizations

See your project flow from a new perspective. Choose from Kanban, List, or Matrix visualizations.

A better project form with notes

Project forms are more intuitive to use. Team members can add notes with rich formatting and emoji.

Project feed is gone

We removed the project feed. When you open a project, you’ll now go directly to the All items tab.

Case systems

New list views

Case systems now have a list view which shows all the cases that are overdue, critical, etc. Case systems are split into 3 views - Assigned to me, Created by me, and All. You can use the views to easily access the case system you need. 


New filters let you filter cases by system fields. You can also create and save custom filters that can be accessed later.

A better case form with notes

Case forms are more intuitive to use. Team members can also now add notes with rich formatting and emoji. 

Case system boards and feeds are gone

We removed the case board and feed.



Channels will be open groups that anyone can subscribe to. Use them for interest groups, internal clubs, or any way to stay in touch across teams.


Teams lets you have private conversations, share files, update agendas, and start polls. All existing closed or secret Kissflow Channels will be converted to Teams.


Now you can start a quick conversation with individuals or groups right inside Kissflow. No more switching context and switching apps. Talk about work right where it happens!


Announcements are special informational channels that can be used to share updates/information to all members in an account. All members of an account are automatically subscribed to announcements. 


Creating integration

Integrations were restricted only to within a process. Now you can create an integration from your home page by clicking Create a new flow. 

Highly intuitive UI

Easily integrate with third-party apps. Build and automate certain types of workflows, and reduce redundant tasks.

Generic connectors

With our generic connectors based in JSON, you can securely connect and share data with almost any cloud-based app. 

Custom field mapping

Map data from any previous step in your integration set-up, including the trigger step. The improved field mapping also allows you to add both custom data (text type) and system fields.

Share integration by establishing connections

Share an integration among different Kissflow accounts. You can do this by establishing secure connections with any integration. We support basic and API key based authentication methods for now. 


Timezone picker

While choosing a timezone, use the new visual map to pick a timezone. 

Task delegation date 

You can create a permanent task delegation without an end date. 

Date and time format 

You can now configure how date and datetime fields can appear across the product.

Locale is gone

We have removed the concept locale. 

Flow settings

Admins can control who can create Lists, Teams, and Datasets.

Home feed is gone

We also removed the global home feed cards. 

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