Case system overview

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Case management involves building and managing a set of tools, in other words a case system, using which individual cases can be monitored and progressed to arrive at effective resolutions. A case is an instance or item created in a case system.

Case systems in Kissflow are highly adaptable workflows that involve interactions between people and information. Similar to other flows, case systems have a form that holds data for each case and a set of steps in a workflow. However, case systems are less structured, and put the user in full control.

An example of a case system might be in using an issue tracker for your software product. In such a system, an issue logged in the system would be a case or an item. As a flow admin, you can create issues, set custom statuses, assign issues to the right workers, and collaborate to resolve them. Similarly, a case can also be a ticket, bug, or an incident, depending on how a case system is set up.


Case systems allow you to create custom workflows that support several use cases. 

Here’s an overview of all that you can do using case systems in Kissflow:

  • Build custom workflows to create, collaborate, and resolve cases.
  • Create custom forms with advanced fields that support conditional visibility, validations, and expressions.
  • Configure and manage custom statuses for workflows.
  • Navigate between cases with ease using different views and a customizable table.
  • Collaborate with other members on cases using notes.
  • View case transitions and activity logs for better management of priority cases.
  • Use default and custom filters that support advanced querying to easily retrieve specific cases.
  • Control access and permissions using default roles provided by the system.
  • Manage notifications that are displayed for any changes made to the system.

Common use cases

Here are some common use cases for case systems:

  • Support requests
  • Incident management
  • Service requests
  • Bug tracking
  • Help desk
  • Sales pipeline
  • Customer onboarding
  • HR help desk
  • Facility service requests

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