Creating a frequently ordered catalog item list

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Rajesh Narayanan

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Procurement managers typically want a list of commonly requested catalog products in order to request a better quote from vendors. 

Until now, they had to merge two tables using lookups in order to get a report combining data from both tables. 

To obtain the list, they can now create a dataview and then a report over that dataview. This method using Kissflow Analytics is simple and effective.

The following is a sample query for creating this dataview:






    pr."PR_Estimate.display_value" as Total_PR_Value,

    prcat."Item" as Catalog_Item,

    prcat."Quantity" as Catalog_Item_Quantity,

    prcat."Item_Amount.value" as Catalog_Amount,


    "Purchase_Request" as pr

    join "Catalog_Items" as prcat on pr."_id" = prcat."_instance_id"

In the above query, Purchase_Request is the process table, and Catalog_Items is its child table. An SQL join is performed between the process table and its child table.

After publishing the dataview, the procurement manager can finally create a chart report with the following configuration:

Measure: Catalog item

Dimension: Catalog item, Catalog item quantity

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