Changes to Pivot Tables in Reports

Modified 8 months ago

Pivot tables are a great way to summarise and analyze data. They let you study trends and see comparisons of data. Currently, pivot tables in Kissflow represent data in a way that is not easy to interpret and gain deep insights. Therefore, to make it easier for you to solve your analytical tasks and needs, we’re making some refinements to the user interface and behavior of pivot tables and bringing in some new features.

As part of this change, we’re retiring the Heat map feature. Heat maps in your existing pivot table reports will be removed. You will still be able to achieve similar functionality via the ability to format cells based on values, that’ll come as part of the upcoming changes.

Once the changes are in effect, you will have access to new features like the ability to collapse and expand rows in a tree-view structure to see only specific data and reduce clutter. This will also reduce the horizontal length of the pivot report. You will also be able to see subtotals of columns apart from the grand total.  

These changes will be applicable to pivots tables in reports across all modules in Kissflow and are expected to take effect in the third week of November 2022.

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